The lure of apartment living is embraced now more than ever and experiencing a nearly decade long surge since the 2008 housing crash. Renting in big cities is still as desirable as ever. The reasons – freedom from home maintenance and repair, cost, and a growing list of perks that make apartment living luxurious. The trend is not found only in the Big Apple or the west coast but in cities and towns in the South.

Generational Changes

The younger generation is not alone in choosing apartments over single-home residences. The Baby Boomer generation is increasingly turning to apartment living as they downsize from larger homes, retire and shed the responsibility of home ownership. Active, wealthy seniors are competing with millennials as the fastest growing segment of the country’s rental population according to RentCafe.com. According to the website, between 2009 and 2015, the number of renters over age 55 increased by 28 percent, compared to a three percent increase in renters 34 years or younger. The significant jump in seniors, representing 2.5 million more 55-plus renters, suggests both lifestyle and demographic shifts.

Lifestyle Changes

If you want the easy apartment lifestyle you can have it in most towns and cities in North Carolina. Apartment communities are available in the Sandhills region clustered around golf courses, military bases, near downtowns and outside of city limits. A growing trend is apartment hi-rise living situated in or near downtown areas allowing residents to have urban, walkable lifestyles close to restaurants and nightlife.

People choose to rent for a variety of lifestyles and reasons. Renting an apartment makes sense to those who are just starting careers and when homeownership is not an option; for retired people who have downsized and do not want the responsibility of a home; those who are in career transition; or those who will be in an area for a limited time.
For some apartment living is a necessity but for many it is an intentional community choice. People are choosing to live in apartment communities not only to be near entertainment and restaurants, businesses, and services for conveniences, but to live in close proximity to neighbors for safety and security.

Smaller Is Better

The rewards of downsizing are worth the effort of getting rid of furniture made for a larger house. A smaller living space is a plus for those who don’t like to spend hours upon hours cleaning. These smaller sized apartments (unless you prefer a large apartment) are designed for efficiency and to maximize space (think IKEA). A smaller overall square footage correlates into smaller rooms which means rethinking large oversized sofas, entertainment centers and other more traditional sized furniture. For apartment residents manufacturers are specializing in smaller, sleeker furniture than in years past. And downsizing is a good excuse to go shopping. For those who hate to shop, some apartments can be rented already furnished.

Less Maintenance, More Social Time

Another upside for those who choose to rent is the freedom from yard work. Outdoor lovers will miss having a yard to work in and mow but for the vast majority getting rid of the lawn mower and yard tools is a happy day. No more evenings and weekends tending a large yard. Most management companies have landscapers that keep apartment property looking good all year.

For many living in close quarters with neighbors who live next door or across the hall adds a feeling of security and safety. In addition, some rental communities have security guards or take extra measures like pass cards or security codes to enter buildings and communal areas.

Unlike the past, apartment shopping is not a burdensome chore but can be fun and easy thanks to technology advances. Choices make shopping for an apartment easy and best of all, no one size fits all – there are apartments available for all lifestyles and ages.

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